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Excellent article in the Power Magazine contributed by John Sprague, senior project engineer with Turbine Technology Services Corp., Orlando, Florida about considerations when upgrading gas turbine HMI.


Article in the Gas to Power Journal Weekly News citing Frank Hoegler, vice president sales Americas for Turbine Technology Services (TTS).


TMOS SCADA - Turbine Monitoring System by ITS 
Modernization, retrofit or replacement for your existing IDOS and HMI, serving Mark IV and Mark V systems


Aging, obsolete equipment increases the risk of system failure, potentially leaving turbine operators unable to run or monitor their units. HMI upgrades are a very cost effective solution for this particular problem.

TMOS SCADA provides an improved graphical interface that retains the features of the original operator interface product while adding powerful new capabilities and features, including:

  • Improved unit data acquisition.
  • Storage and analysis.
  • It also provides innovative solutions to the system architecture and communication limitations imposed by the original systems.


ITS OKAdvanced

  • Exceeds OEM's functionality and capability
  • State-of-the-art technologie
  • Modern and highly integrated programming environment
  • Innovative concepts
  • Creative solutions
  • Industry's best value

ITS OKModular

  • Highly modular programs structure
  • Optimal complementary
  • Countless network architecture possibilities
  • Flexible and easy to extend
  • Demand-oriented
  • Optimized cost efficiency
  • Perfectly harmonized

ITS OKCompatible

  • 100% full compatibility to interfacing systems
  • Amazing number of supported protocols
  • No down time during installation
  • Does not require upgrade on existing hardware

ITS OKLimitless

  • Expandable to customer needs
  • Flexible network designs
  • Intelligent accountability
  • Unrestricted expandable
  • Location independent
  • Add-on customized solutions

The Satisfaction of our Customers - Our Reference

As established in our corporate philosophy, "Creative and reliable solutions, long-term cooperation and partnership" are cornerstones of our business activities. Our customers have been placing their trusts on the experience and know-how of ITS for over a decade. We truly treasure this as we listen carefully to the needs of our business partners and happily exchange ideas with them. Therefore, we get to know their expectations and requirements.


TMOS SCADA - Our interface between man and machine (HMI) is used by an impressive number of customers and has received many positive reviews. 

References TMOS SCADA by ITS

Additional references available upon request.


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